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Growing vs. Failing

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

I was at church and the girl I'd met at Home Depot (who told me about the church I now attend) introduced me to her parents. As I stood there I was listening to her dad talk about how the church does a lot of community programs and suddenly I hear ‘heart problems’. I stood there and rolled it around in my mind completely ignoring him. His shirt was a bit unbuttoned and I did not see any scar (looking for heart surgery scar to confirm) I realized if I ask him and I’m wrong I’m going to feel completely stupid and I was more concerned about alarming him about a condition he may not have. Eventually I chickened out and didn’t say anything. We parted ways and they began to leave. Next thing I know I’m walking towards the parking lot and the girl is by herself. I run up and ask her if he dad has heart problems and she says yes he’s had issues and had a stint put in. I told her the Lord told me 'heart problems' as we were standing there. As we walked out he pulled the car up, I went over and told him what God spoke to me. I asked if I could pray for him right there in the car, which I did.

Where I got caught was the second I ‘rolled it around in MY mind’ it was over. Sunk. As soon as you take wisdom from the Spirit of Truth and filter or check it against your natural mind you’re already in the ditch.

Many may see I chickened out and failed but I view it as growing.

There is NO failure in the Kingdom. Every moment is a teachable moment by Holy Spirit and if you view it as Pass/Fail you will constantly get caught in the cycle of YOUR performance to please God and never grow in the Kingdom.

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