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be healed!

I started laying hands on people in October 2018.

Many have been witnessed by my Dad, friends or other people.

Everything written here is 100% accurate and truthful. 

This is just some of the people I'd prayed for over the first few months.

october 2018

8th - I prayed for Ali in the Wichita Airport who had wrist pain and was wearing a brace on her right wrist and was scheduled to go to a neurologist the following week. Her pain level was 7/10. After I prayed once, she looked at me and said "All the pain is gone, how did you do that?" I explained it was Jesus. My friend Carlos from the RFIU class was a witness to the entire thing and led her to the Lord right after this.

19th - Steve, the guy who sprays my lawn showed up and I asked him if he had any pain. He stated he had back and sciatica pain. His pain level was 6/10. I prayed once and he said 'All the pain is gone. Is it normal to feel heat go down my back like that?" Yes, that's the Holy Spirit. Apparently this was the 3rd time the Holy Spirit was mentioned to him that week. I believe God was after him! I have a 15 minute recording of him talking about this.

28th - Prayed for an elderly man at church who had 5/10 pain in his knee. He walked away with no pain. 

29th - Prayed for a guy who worked at Firehouse subs with pain in his hands. He had no pain after I prayed. 

30th - Prayed for Ashley over the phone who had back pain from sitting. After praying twice she was pain free.

november 2018

2nd - Prayed for Ken who worked at the Finishline in the mall. Had 6/10 back pain. After I prayed he said he felt vibrations go down his back and then had no pain.

Prayed for a girl at Finishline in Macy's who had back and stomach pain. Pain left after first prayer but she still had some stomach pressure. Commanded that to leave and it did. I stopped back a few weeks later and she said she had no further issues after that.

6th - Prayed for a lady at the mall named Grace. She had neck, back and knee pain. Prayed twice for her neck, twice for her back. When I asked what the pain level was for her knee, she said all the pain was gone. The pain knew it was getting evicted so it just up and left before I had to pray!

7th - Prayed for a guy at church who had a broken bone in his foot. Pain was 6/10 when standing, 8-9/10 when walking. Broke it 4 weeks prior. Prayed and the pain went to a 3. At this point I got a very puzzled look from him. I then told him to take the boot off. He took it off and I prayed 3 more times. He ended up walking around the lobby with his bare foot. He sat through the service with the boot cushion on his foot after putting the plastic boot in his car.

8th - Prayed for 2 people at a taco place. Tyler had back pain, 3/10 healed after first prayer.

A lady had carpal tunnel in her wrist. Pain 5/10 was healed after I handed her a ketchup packet. She asked me what it was for, I said do you have anymore pain? After a puzzled look she said "No".

14th - Prayed for the guy who cuts my lawn. Said he has tendon pain on and off in his foot. He currently had no pain so I prayed for healing and he said he felt his foot tingle while I was praying.


16th - At a Dunkin Donuts a guy working had upper back pain from pushing his moms car the day before. Pain level was 4/10. Prayed twice and said he felt vibrations in his back and all pain left.

Maricela who also worked there had back pain 7/10 from a car accident in July. I took her hand and prayed and she checked her back. All pain was gone. She then started fanning herself and said she felt vibrations then heat go down her back. 

18th - Prayed for 2 people at church. A guy who had back pain, all pain left. A woman who had a migraine and multiple other sickness (Arthritis/Fibromyalgia). After praying twice for her head, she said the migraine was gone. I prayed for the remaining symptoms and she told me she felt like she could go home and ride her exercise bike.

21st - Prayed for a girl Katie who has had chronic stomach pain for months. Was 10/10 pain level. After praying once, it was immediately down to a 5. Second prayer down to a 1. Third down to a zero. She went inside and got a plate of food to eat. 

25th - A guy at the mall who had bone spurs in his foot did not want me to pray so I shook his hand and held it for about 20 seconds. I then asked where the pain went in his foot. He gave me a puzzled look and said it felt much better.

Prayed for a girl with a broken foot with a plastic boot on. I don't remember the pain level but I do remember the look on her face as she said there was no pain after I prayed and she tested it out.


26th - A guy on my hockey team had back pain and a pulled hip flexor muscle before our game. Prayed for his back twice and all pain left. Prayed for his hip flexor and it was completely healed. I asked him during the game and he said he was having no issues.

december 2018

2nd - Went to outlet mall with my friend Javan. I prayed for a girl at Finishline with back pain and all pain left. 

I met 2 Hispanic workers. The lady had a back pain level of 4/10. I prayed she was healed. She said she felt warmth go from the top of her head down her back.

The guy had back pain 8/10. I prayed once for him and all pain left. He immediately started grabbing napkins and dabbing his face and arms and was feeling intense heat. As I walked away I patted him on the back and felt his shirt was wet. 

Javan shook a guys hand at Lids hat store who had pain in his muscles between his neck and shoulder. Said he couldn't play hoops because of it. After shaking his hand the pain was gone. I saw him a week later and he said he played hoops and hasn't had pain since that day.

8th - Went to the mall and talked to a guy who couldn't get up on his toes due to ankle pain currently a 4/10. I shook his hand and told him who I was and then asked what the pain level was now. It went down to a 1. After praying for his ankle, the guy then reached up on the shelves showing he had no pain in the ankle anymore. 

17th - Prayed  for a guy that had a thumb that was partially numb and tight and losing strength. I asked for his thumb and commanded it to be made whole etc. He said it felt better. I prayed again and he said ‘it feels lighter and much better I swear to God’  I said well that’s Jesus and he’s real and that’s what the power of God feels like. He said thanks.

20th - Went out to eat at Olive Garden. I asked Holy Spirit for a word of knowledge. Pain in her feet. Asked the waitress if she had pain in her feet she said yes in my right foot (4/10). I said give me your hand and I just started asking questions does it hurt walking/standing etc..and then said how’s the pain? Uh better. Zero? Yes zero. She said 'How did you do that?' Explained it was Jesus. I told her to send anyone over that needed to be prayed for. A few minutes later a guy shows up and says "I hear you can heal people?" I said whats the issue? He said my back hurts. I asked for the pain level (4/10) and I noticed he had a sleeve tattoo. I took his hand and started asking about the tattoo's as I was rotating his arm to look at them all then I asked if he still had any back pain. After a puzzled look he said no, how did you do that? I said that's Jesus and before I could say anything else he said Oh, and walked away. 

24th - As I was at the mall I saw a man with a black Velcro brace around his back/stomach area waiting to get presents wrapped. I asked him why he was wearing the brace and he said he was in an accident. I started asking what the pain level was and he asked me why all the questions. I told him I pray for people and God heals them. He said oh OK, it’s about 7-8. I asked for his name and took his hand and prayed. He said it was now about a 5. I prayed again and then asked him to check it and he said it was better. I said zero? He said yea, zero. I said that was Jesus! he said he was a child of God and I said amen! I thanked him for letting me pray and I left.

I saw a woman limping as she went into Barnes and Noble. I caught up to her and said ma'am do you have pain in your foot? She said she had some calcium issue with her foot and it’s quite painful. I said what’s the pain level? 9/10. I explained I pray for people and God heals them and can I pray for her? She said sure. I took her hand and commanded it to be healed. As I held her hand I asked if it felt better? She got this big smile on her face and said 'Well, it's significantly better!’ I said how much better? She said about a 4. I took her hand again and prayed and asked her again and she said ‘Yea, it feels good now’ I said no pain? She said no pain. She said she was a believer as I explained to her that it was Jesus.

25th - At a Christmas potluck I met a lady in line getting food who had a cane. She had 2 hip replacements and had back pain (5/10). I told her I pray for people and God heals and could I pray for her. She said yes so after going through the line we stepped to the side and I commanded her back to be healed and she said the back was pain free now but she said I think it went into my hip. I commanded that pain to leave in her hip and she walked off carrying her cane.

At the same Christmas potluck I spoke to Alfred who said he’d had a 2nd surgery on his shoulder. He said his shoulder was a 7/10 level of pain and he couldn’t raise it up much. I told him I pray and God heals. He let me pray and as I put my hand on his shoulder I noticed he still had a bulky bandage on his shoulder. After praying, he said it had decreased in pain. I prayed again and it went down to a zero. He said he knew Jesus and so we began to talk for about 20 mins about who he is in the Kingdom and what his authority is etc. 
While talking to him a man named Jim was leaving and heard Alfred mention his shoulder being healed and Jim inquired about it. Then Jim said 'oh well I have this problem with a tendon in my foot'. I quickly asked, You have pain in your foot? What level? He said 2/10. I said well I just prayed for Alfred here and his shoulder was healed can I pray for your foot? He said sure. I prayed and I said check it out now. He moves it around and said 'The pain is zero, wow, thank you!' and Jim walks out the door healed. I continue talking to Alfred and as he’s getting his stuff to leave he says hey, I couldn’t do this before (reaching up and grabbing his hat off a hook on the wall about 6 ft up). I said when was the last time you could raise your arm straight above your head? He said its been awhile, I said do it now, so he raises his arm straight up pain free. Had a potluck dinner and 3 people were healed. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Thank you Jesus, you’re amazing!

29th - I was eating at Charlies subs and a guy sits at the table next to mine. I spoke to him for a few minutes and found out he had pain in his feet. I just pointed and prayed and he said they felt much better. I didn’t get a pain level because it was a bit awkward, but he kept telling me his feet felt much better.


I was walking down the sidewalk at the mall and 2 women came from the side and I notice one was using a cane. I asked her why she was using the cane. She said she has pain in her knees. I asked her the pain level and she said 7/10 and so I prayed and she said all the pain was gone.

I went into Macy’s and I saw two ladies, one with a surgical boot. While speaking with them I ask her if she’s in any pain and she says it’s excruciating! Like 100! I tell her I pray for people and God heals them. I said I’m not even going to pray I’m just going to hold your hand. So I start talking to her and then I ask how’s the pain level now. She looks at me a bit strange and starts to laugh and looks at her friend and says it’s maybe a 2. I said it needs to be 0. She says here take my hand again. So I do, and the pain goes to a zero. She starts telling her friend, I can’t believe this, all the pain is completely gone and laughing and smiling. Her friend says well I’m Jewish. I said well that’s Jesus! He’s the healer. She begins to tell me how her daughter converted to Christianity and she has several people at work that are Christian and have talked to her about Christ and she’s just been ‘thinking’. I said well does this solidify it for you? She said Yes, it does. I believe now!

31st - I stopped at a Dunkin Donuts that was in a local gas station and noticed the guy wearing a cross necklace. I asked him about it and then told him I pray for people and God heals them. As we were talking this lady walks up and I ask her if she has any pain in her body. She said yes, all over. I said what’s the pain level? She said a 9/10. I said where is it? She said my back and down my leg. I said here, grab my hand and God will heal you. She grabs my hand and I started talking to her and after a few seconds I said how’s the pain now? She said, it’s better, it’s not a 9. I said what is it? She said about a 6. I commanded her back to be healed. She then checks it and she says her back is much better but not 100% but her leg pain was gone. So I prayed again because she said it was ‘tight’, I commanded the tightness to leave. She said there was a little left but she felt much better and the leg pain was gone. I said I’m going to believe that you’ll receive the rest of it ‘as you go’ like they did in the Bible and she left.  

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