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be healed!

I started laying hands on people in October 2018.

Many have been witnessed by my Dad, friends or other people.

Everything written here is 100% accurate and truthful. 

From January through around June I did not keep record of most of the encounters as it became too much to keep track of.

Most of the testimonies on here are from my social media postings since then.


- I prayed for a lady over zoom Back hips leg shoulder and arm and glaucoma. We prayed for the back and hips pain left. Prayed for leg (she had injections so they were sore) that went down almost to zero she said there was still a little tenderness so we are going to accept it by faith. Her arm and shoulder, by the time we got to it, it was significantly less pain than when we started. She was like WOW I’m swinging it all around and it’s barely noticeable. We prayed for that and it went to a zero. Then the glaucoma, she had no symptoms but was told by Dr. she had it. We prayed and are believing for a good report.

- Prayed for a lady in Target wearing a sling with a rotator cuff issue. 5/10 pain level, after prayer it was a 0/10

Prayed for a lady that had knee replacement surgery and had pain in her knees. 8/10 After prayer she just kept smiling and wouldn’t tell me the number she just said it was better. 

- Prayed for a lady that had had a stroke. She said her arm was tight and stiff and had been since the stroke in March 2018. After praying it was 90% better so I prayed again. After she said she couldn't raise her arm without pain and now she was pain free.

 - I was at Lowe’s and saw a lady in a cart and she said she has arthritis. It was about 4/5 pain and mostly in her back and knees. I prayed. We started taking and she suddenly says I just moved my knee and there is no pain. I said how about your back. None. Told her she could get up and walk and she didn’t want to but saw her as I was leaving and she said she still had no pain.

- At Olive Garden with my dad and within 3 mins of walking in I had 2 women came in bent over and hobbling. One lady had 8/10 pain in left knee and was going to have surgery. 1 prayer and zero pain just some tightness left. 2nd prayer all gone she said “You’re gonna make me run all over this place!” The other lady had back and leg pain. 2 prayers it was nearly gone. We talked for a bit and they thanked me. My dad was like I knew this was going happen when I saw them walk in!

- Went to Walmart. A guy in line had shoulder surgery 5 weeks ago. Saw him in the store and walking around and I let it go and kept shopping. Got in the checkout line and he was in front of me. Pain 6.5/10. I said here shake my hand. He shook it and I just said pain get out, shoulder be healed in Jesus name. How does it feel? He said great now. I said pain? Nope. I said zero pain? Yep zero pain. I said you can take that off and drive home. His wife was like what? I said Jesus just healed his shoulder he can take it off and drive home. He said I can’t take it off, I said yes you can Jesus just healed you, you don’t need it anymore. We went back and forth and they left. I got outside and I could see them across the parking lot and he was standing by the van and she was walking back from putting the cart away. I could see as she got close to him he started talking and touching his shoulder and then she got up to him and they were talking. I’m convinced he was telling her I have no pain, I can drive home!

-Went to Red Robin and the waitress had an old knee injury and it popped and clicked and she couldn’t straighten it all the way. She said she didn’t want to have surgery so she just left it that way since there wasn’t any pain. I told her God would give her a brand new knee. She said ‘Really?’ I said yes, can I pray for you? She said ‘Sure!’ I took her hand and prayed for God to give her a brand new knee. She suddenly got the chills and then started sweating. I said that’s Jesus. Then she said ‘Oh my gosh! I can straighten my knee!, this is freaking me out! I’m so sweaty!’ We talked for a few minutes and I gave her a few cards. Jesus does surgery in Red Robin in case you didn’t know!

- At the food pantry and a woman came up limping so I asked her if she had pain in her leg. She said my knee, I’ve been trying to lose weight so I’ve been walking and my knee hurts. So I told her I’d pray and take care of it and she agreed. I took her hand and prayed and I said check it out and she just looked at me and laughed and said I wasn’t expecting that. I began to talk to her and told her that Jesus healed her and she asked where I went to church etc and I asked are you born again? She said No, that’s why I wanted to know where you go to church. I said do you want to receive Jesus right now? She said yes I do. So I led her in prayer and she was born again right there! Afterwards she started to giggle and laugh and I told her that was the joy of the Lord and she said she felt lighter! We talked for a bit then I gave her a card for the church service and times and she said she’d be there tomorrow. That made my day! God is so awesome.


*Amazing Testimony* <VERY LONG READ>

This will have 2 parts to the testimony. Part 1 will show how God orders your steps. This is VERY important to understand as many may assume they’re going to miss it or you’re not in the right place etc.. this is very much untrue. This has happened to me countless times. When you run into that person or event, look back at all the choices you had that led you to that point and how many times you could have chosen an opposite direction yet didn’t. Know why? You were not choosing. So when you think you’ve missed it, have Faith and believe that he has you in the palm of his hand and is ordering your steps and you will not miss what he has for you or what he needs you to do! Part 2 is the actual testimony.

Part 1.
After church Sunday I grabbed some lunch next to the grocery store on purpose as I was going to grab a few things after lunch. After lunch I walked out with a refilled drink in my hand headed to the parking lot when I realized I wanted to go to the grocery store. I realized I’d have to throw my drink out and decided I’d just head home and run out later since I only needed a few items. 8pm came and I still needed to grab a few items for Monday and as I was about to leave I decided to do a few other things before leaving including taking the dogs out. As I got into my car to leave I got a call at 8:20p from a guy that I’ve ministered with in the streets in the past however I hadn’t heard from him in about 3 months. He calls me and it went something like this

Him: Hey whats up?

Me: Just heading to the store to grab a few items

Him: Which store?

Me: Probably Publix if they are still open (they close early on Sunday’s I think) or Walmart, why?

Him: I just pulled into Walmart, need to get a part for the bathroom and a few small items.

Me: Ok I’ll stop in Walmart be there in 10.

<Notice I didn’t go to the store earlier but waited, then took the dogs out among other things, then he called after not hearing from him in 3 months and changed me from Publix to Walmart <- this was a critical step here! Not hearing from him in 3 months and he calls as I’m pulling out of the driveway? Who calls someone when they enter a store and being shopping? Not to mention Walmart is further away.

We meet up in Walmart and he shops and gets all his stuff while we chat and get updated from the past 3 months. This was at least an hour and he checks out and leaves and I begin my shopping.

At one point I’m in the frozen section trying to find a specific item which I can’t so I’m going up and down the frozen aisles and finally after about 4 passes I give up. A few minutes later I’m in the candy aisle and looking for my fav Zero candy bars. Weird, they are not on the shelf I begin to seek the shelves to find them amongst a few kids going back and forth. At this point out of the corner of my left eye I see someone with a cart in the aisle but they are not moving towards me so I keep searching. Again after probably 5-7 minutes I can not find them! I grab the Hershey Cookies and Cream bars and throw them in the cart. As I start up the aisle I’m now thinking about what’s next and I’m aware of that person and their cart to my left yet paying zero attention and not even looking at them. As I get closer and about to pass her she says ‘Excuse me’. I stop and she points down and says “I’ve dropped my drivers license and I can’t bend down could you please get it for me…..” Think of all the delays, changes and the fact she dropped her license within a few minutes of me being right there. (she could have dropped it 5 mins ago, or 30 sec ago, I have no idea but I was the only one in the aisle at that time). Bingo, my steps have been ordered…..I pick up the license and hand it to her….

<This was a long ordeal so much of it isn’t word for word and certain events may be out of order.>

Part 2

I ask her if she has pain and she says yes I have back pain and can’t bend over. I tell her I can pray for her and God will heal her. She agrees. (Pain level is 6/10). I pray and she says it’s now about a 5. Minimal drop. I pray again and she checks it out and she just says ‘It feels better, maybe a 4. At this point I’m starting to wonder why it is not leaving like I normally see it go.

We begin talking and she says she has pain all over because she also has fibromyalgia and several other things going on like diabetes including she’s had neck surgery and can barely look side to side as her neck has been fused (she showed me the pictures and the xray with all the metal and screws in her neck). At one point she tells me she has 21 different conditions and she needs healing all over. I said well I didn’t know all that, lets pray again. I take her hand I just go to town. I command the fibromyalgia to leave, I command the diabetes to leave, I command the neck to be healed and full range of motion including her back, command healing from head to toe on this wonderful lady.

Now I’m standing there holding her hand her eyes are closed and I ask her, what do you feel going on right now? With her eyes still closed she says I’m feeling this warmth going all down my arms. I say that’s Holy Spirit healing you right now. She opens her eyes and I can see the look of amazement and the love of Jesus. She starts repeating how she can feel the warmth going down her arms she’s just standing there and she says Oh my, I’m sorry I’m starting to cry, I said oh no, you go ahead and cry it’s perfectly fine. She says you don’t understand I’ve had this pain for years and its all gone. The pain in my arms is gone. The warmth is now going down in my wrists and I feel tingling in my elbows. I tell her again that’s Holy Spirit actively healing you right now. She just keeps going back to that ‘Oh my gosh the pain is gone’ – at this point I’m trying to explain a few things like, we have authority and we command the sickness to go and it must obey us, helping her understand why it happened etc..(and this conversation tried to happened several times) and she is completely lost in the moment and says I’m sorry but I just can’t believe this pain is gone, the warmth is now in the palms of my hands…I said, you mentioned you had fibromyalgia so he’s healing your hands and she say ‘Well I also have carpel tunnel in my wrist and I’ve been scheduled for surgery 3 times and it keeps getting changed’ I said well you don’t have it anymore! See I didn’t even know about the carpel tunnel but Holy Spirit did!

We continued to talk and she must have stopped the conversation a dozen times with updates of where the warmth and tingling was. It went down her legs into her feet then she started to feel the tingling on the top of her head. The back pain never seemed to leave completely but I asked her about her neck and she could turn it much further that I’d originally seen. I did command the metal to melt so I don’t know if that happened or if she just received more range of motion. I told her that her back could also be the result of one leg being shorter than the other then she says oh yea I do have one leg shorter! I said well I’m not going to sit you down and grow it out, I’m just going to command the leg right now to grow and be of equal size and believe it’s done!

This all took place over 30-60 mins so there are a lot of details left out, but I wanted to give as many details as possible, but this is something, I don’t know I can’t really explain the experience of watching this come from your own hand. At one point as the warmth was moving down her arms and she was describing it, I started getting tingles on my shoulders and up my neck and into my head. I hesitate to mention this but as I was holding her hand I thought I’d felt a very subtle ‘vibration’ in my chest area but I was trying to not focus on anything other than just staying completely still and ‘not thinking’.

I gave her my card and told her to follow up and let me know by email and we’d connect on FB. *Disclamer, I told her to continue taking her diabetic meds etc.. until directed otherwise*

She was so wrecked by this (and so was I of course), it was absolutely amazing to see someone actively being healed over time right in front of you as they are describing the warmth moving.

I also wanted to mention that I believe that her back pain did not drop immediately because if it would have gone to zero I’d have walked off not knowing about the other issues. It’s wasn’t until it didn’t drop that I began to ask questions. I did not see the back pain leave completely but as we all know, we believe its done

-  I prayed for a woman who had back pain from an accident and is scheduled for surgery in August. Her back pain left and I was able to minister to her about some issues she was having and just remind her how much God loved her.

- A woman walked up looking quite distressed and said she’d just had surgery and needed some help and asked what to do as this was her first time here. I noticed a lump in her shirt in her upper chest area and asked her if she had pain from the surgery and she said yes. I said before you get in line can I pray for you and she agreed. I commanded healing and her pain left. She was quite surprised and lit up and started to smile and I just told her that was Jesus! Her gloom instantly turned to joy! It was awesome!

- I saw a woman and a girl in her early 20s walking to their car and I just felt I needed to ask if they needed help even though they didn’t have much to carry. (My steps are being ordered!) The girl tells me that she is in the Navy and is here temporarily for a year because her mom (who’s in the car) is sick with cancer then she’ll have to go back to Japan. The door is opened! I spoke to her and her mother for about 15 minutes, sharing truth about the lies and understanding who she is in Christ. I then prayed for her and commanded the cancer to die. I let her know she’s already healed and she needs to walk in that truth. She was all smiles and kept saying “I’m going to believe that!” The daughter thanked me and gave me a hug. It was such a blessing.

- This morning and I saw a woman smoking. I started talking to her and asked if she’d like to quit. She said she needed to quit. I asked her if I could pray for her and she agreed with cigarette in hand. I put my fingers on her throat and waited maybe 5-7 seconds and then she puffed and there was no reaction. The second time I placed my fingers on her throat and commanded the desire to leave etc. she then took a puff and started coughing/choking. I said do you still want to smoke? She just shook her head ‘No’ while she was coughing. She said she didn’t want it after that - she had maybe 1/3 of the cigarette left and she stuck it back in the empty cigarette box and put it out. About 15 mins later she was standing in line with a few people along with the guy she came with and I asked her if she wanted to smoke, she said No and the guy started saying thank you sir! Thank you! Apparently he didn’t want her smoking either!

- At the food pantry this morning I noticed a woman had knee pain. I could visibly see she was in pain by the way she was walking. The lady had just finished going through the line and she had a volunteer helping her carry her bags so I wanted to be quick about it. She said she almost could not come because the pain was so bad this morning. I asked her name and I commanded healing. I asked her to check it. She said it felt a little better. I said lets walk to your car so she (volunteer) doesn’t have to stand and hold the bags. As we walked I said you’ll be healed before you get to your car. We got to the car and we began talking and I said how’s the knees? She said they feel great. I said do you have any pain left? She said no its gone. This woman could barely waIk and she left being able to lift both legs up like she was in a marching band with no pain! I said Jesus is King! She was smiling and we spoke a few minutes about how amazing Jesus is!


- I asked a lady if she needed prayer for anything or had any pain in her body and she said my right shoulder. I’m having rotator cuff surgery in Sept. I can not lift my arm. She showed me how she couldn’t lift it more than about 6” from her body. I just laid my hand on her shoulder and commanded a new rotator cuff and healing. I said now check it out, lift it up. She lifted it straight up in the air. She had this look on her face that was priceless. She said “What the hell just happened?” She said, “I haven’t been able to lift my arm up for 6 months!” I said move it all around do you have any pain? She had a little pain when she placed her arm straight out in front of her and we prayed for that to go. She looked as if she was going to cry. She also said "I'm going to church tomorrow!"

- At the food pantry this morning a woman (who I could tell had pain the way she was walking) had back pain and heel pain. The heel pain was pretty bad and the back was due to a hip injury. I prayed for her back and it was better she said. The foot, she bent her knee and lifted it up and I just put my hand on the back of her foot and as I had my hand on her I said nothing. Then she said ‘oh I feel that, that’s heat’ I told her that was Jesus healing her.

Then I put my hand on her hip (just the tips of my fingers) and prayed and as I stood there she said ‘oh you got some power there, Wow, I can feel the power coming out of your hand’. I felt nothing but she surely did! She then bent over and said I couldn’t do that before! Her back got healed and the heel had zero pain. Thank you Jesus!

- At the food pantry this morning a lady was walking up and she looked like she was in discomfort and I asked her if she was in pain. She said my stomach hurts, it was a painful cramping feeling and that it started earlier. I took her hand and command the pain/cramping to go. I held onto her hand and I asked what was going on and she said ‘Well it’s going away….seriously it feels better’. I asked her what the pain level was before she walked up and she said it was a 10 and now it’s about a 4. We prayed again and she said it felt much better (down to about a 2). She asked me if I was a pastor, I said ‘No, it’s Jesus, he lives in me’ I asked her if she was a believer and she said she was and we had a small conversation. She seemed a bit surprised by the pause and the look on her face LOL but then started thanking me for praying for her. She said it was still about a 2 and I told her that after she went through the pantry line if she still had any pain to let me know and we’d pray again. As she left the line, she yelled a thank you towards me and I said, ‘Is it a zero?’ she said ‘Yes zero!’

- I went to the outlet mall in the afternoon and I noticed 2 women walking, 1 had a wrist brace and a sling on. She had her arm out of it and was flexing it around. I approached her and we talked, and I found out she had a shoulder injury and carpal tunnel. The shoulder was 6/10 pain and the wrist had no pain but some numbness in her fingertips. I prayed and she said the shoulder felt better and the pain dropped then she rotated it and felt a pinch. We prayed again had the same result. Prayed a third time and she was able to rotate it with no pinch. I switched to praying for her fingers. We started talking and I gave her my card and said if she knew anyone that needed prayer to let me know. (Totally forgot to ask her about her fingers).

The other lady standing there said she needed prayer and said she had pain in both shoulders for years. I said which one is the most painful? She turned and put her left shoulder in front of me. I said I’m going to put my hand on your shoulder and it’s going to go straight across to the other shoulder and they’ll both be healed. I commanded and as I stood there with my hand on her I asked her if she feels anything going on. She said she could feel heat and the tingles. I told her that was Holy Spirit healing her and asked if she’d ever felt that before and she said no. I said that is what it feels like when God heals you. She just seemed baffled and in awe all at the same time. We spoke for a few minutes and she said she had no pain in her shoulders. I ended up asking the first woman how her shoulder felt and said it felt good before they left.

- I saw 2 more women about 75ft away and 1 had a cane and a medical wood shoe (the hard flat ones when you have a broken bone in your foot). I saw her walk into the food court so I got up and headed that way. I got in there and saw them ordering food so I stood by a table waiting for them to sit. Well she walked up and sat at the table right next to where I was standing and I commented “That foot looks painful” (initiating conversation) and she said well let me tell you…. Apparently she’d blacked out and fallen recently, fractured her cheeks, nose and had some issues with her mouth. She also broke her toe. Of course I don’t know what she looked like prior to the incident so I couldn’t tell if she was swollen or not. She said she had pain in her face and the more she talked the more I noticed she was minimizing facial movement. I said “well I asked because I pray for people”, she then tells me “I’m also a minister so let’s pray!” I took her hand and commanded. I asked her if she feels anything going on and she said I feel the heat swirling around my toe (I thought that was interesting how she explained it). I asked her how her face felt, she said ‘Honestly, my vision is clearer…” (she never said anything about her vision until this point lol). She said her face had zero pain now! I could tell because her facial movement was noticeably different as she smiled etc… Jesus is King! We talked and she told me more details about the injury and how a young man in the family came to Jesus over the incident. I met her daughter who had brought her to the mall to ‘get her out of the house’, it was a great encounter with 2 amazing women of God. You never know who God will put in your path, even ministers need prayer!

- At the food pantry this morning I saw a woman with a cane. She said she had arthritis ‘all over’ and currently pain (7-8/10) in her hips. I prayed for her and she said it was about a 5 now. I prayed for her again and all the pain left. I asked her how long she’d had the pain and she said about 10 years and now it was all gone. I asked her when I prayed if she felt anything going on and she said, “I was just feeling the pain leave”. No heat, no tingles just ‘felt the pain leaving’, crazy! I spoke to her for a few minutes, she said she knew Jesus, and I explained about Jesus and our authority etc…
As we were talking a younger lady was sitting there listening to all this. I looked at her and I said, “You have any pain?” She said yes I do and stood up. I found out she had a bulging disk in her neck, back pain and sciatica nerve pain. I placed my hand on the back of her neck and I commanded…I asked her if to check it out and she said she still had some pain left in her neck and I prayed again. She said the pain was gone and she was bending over and moving her neck all over. I asked her if she felt anything while I was praying and she said, “I felt heat in my neck, it went down my spine into my back”. Yes Jesus!
The best part is the lady with the cane, when she went through the line at the pantry, she was carrying the cane in her hand the whole time. Jesus is King!!

- I went to the mall to eat and the waitress said she had been diagnosed with MS at one time and had taken a trial medication and hasn’t really had any issues since. She mentioned at one point she’d woken up one morning and had symptoms as if she’d had a stroke on her right side. She said she had to re-learn how to write and different things, but it was a long time ago. She noticed that she still has a little blurry vision or spots under certain lights in her right eye. At this point I wasn’t sure what to pray for because her story was all over the place and I wasn’t sure of time frames etc…I just asked her if I could pray for her and she agreed. I took her hand and just commanded the MS to go and her eye to be healed etc… since we really didn’t have symptoms to measure. I asked her if she felt anything while I prayed and she said, “I felt something go down my right side” and she had this look of ‘what just happened?!’ on her face. I told her Jesus is alive, he’s real! I asked her if her vision was any different and she said she’ll know when she gets under certain lights. The smile and joy on her face was awesome!

- Last Sunday I’d seen a young girl who had an ace wrap on her foot/ankle and was using a pair of crutches. I found out she’d injured it and had minimal pain but was on the crutches for precautionary measures. After I’d prayed for her (I don’t recall if I asked about pain levels or not) she said it felt much better.
At church this morning I was getting some water and a lady approached me and wanted to say thank you for praying for her daughter last week. She said her daughter really felt better after I’d prayed for her. We began talking and I told her I see people healed all the time and I told her the story about the lady yesterday at the food pantry with the cane. This sparked more conversation and she mentioned she had an issue with vision in her left eye and that it was blurry. I asked if I could pray for her and she agreed. I commanded the eye to be clear and the vision to be restored. She opened her eyes and I asked if she felt anything and immediately I could see joy in her face. She said it’s completely clear and she began to tear up! Jesus is King!

(oh this is just half of it!)

As we talked, she said she also had an autoimmune disease and I said do you want to get rid of that also? Of course. I took her hand and commanded that to leave in Jesus name. Her eyes were closed, she opened them and had ‘that look’. I asked her if she felt anything, she stated she felt ‘something moving inside’ and that when I prayed she felt like she was ‘knocked off balance’. She said she ‘felt it leaving’. We eventually parted and went into the church service.

After the service I spoke to her again and she said during the service she kept looking all over testing her eye and that even now she felt ‘lighter’ and kept saying to herself that ‘I don’t have that disease anymore!’ As we talked, I spoke to her about her identity and we had a nice conversation. Her husband was talking to another couple and I heard them ask the guy about his health. He also had an autoimmune disease and I prayed for him twice. He felt nothing after praying (of course that does not matter) but we are believing for an awesome testimony. His wife says I have a request; I have gallstones and I’d like to avoid surgery etc. I took her hand and commanded the stones to be dissolved. I asked her if she felt anything and she said, ‘I felt his presence come down on me!’ So we’ll wait to hear some good reports in the coming weeks!

- This afternoon I wanted to run to the store to get a few small items. Publix is about a mile up the street but as I left, I felt God prompting me to go to the Publix that’s about 4-5 miles in the opposite direction. After a brief argument as to why would I go all the way out there for a few small items I decided to go. I went in and stopped at the deli and as I waited I began looking around to see if there was anyone near that needed prayer because it was a long wait! I got my items, as I walked away I started wondering why I came all the way out here. I was headed to the checkout line and as I looked down an aisle, I saw an Asian woman with a big flexible brace wrap on her right knee walking my way. I kept walking, pondered it and of course spun around and waited for her to come into main aisle. I walked up next to her and said that looks like you are in pain, she said Oh yes, I’m in pain all over, I have fibromyalgia etc… I said, I asked because I like to pray for people and she said oh you’re going to make me cry. I said what’s the pain level 1-10? She said if it could be higher it would be, I said like a 15 and she said yeah! I took her hand and commanded the pain to go and she was just squeezing my hand with her eyes closed. I said did you feel anything? She said I just feel numb…she had the biggest blank look on her face I think I’ve ever seen and she just started thanking me. I said is the pain still there? What’s the pain level? I finally got a number. 8. I said its half gone? She said yes, I prayed again. I asked pain level again and she just said I don’t know…I said is it less? She said yes. I began talking to her and asked her if she knew Jesus and she said yes but she just had this blank look on her face. She was totally rocked, she just kept thanking me and I don’t think I ever got a zero pain confirmation but at least I knew why I was sent there!

- On my way through the checkout line the young lady asked me how things were going. I said Amazing! I’ve seen 3 people healed today. She said healed? I said yes, do you have any pain? She said not a lot of pain but just a little in my jaw. I took her hand and commanded it to go. I grabbed my stuff and I said did you feel anything? She said well I don’t feel the pain now…Jesus is the KING OF KINGS!

- At the food pantry this morning I noticed a woman sitting on one of those walkers with a seat. I began a conversation with her. She told me she ‘didn’t feel well’. After inquiring, I found out she had pains in her stomach. I asked if I could pray for her and she agreed. As I was about to pray, she said ‘Oh and my shoulder’. (Pain level 6/10) She tells me she injured it about a month ago. She said her entire shoulder area was in pain and she could not raise it up much (she could only raise her elbow maybe 4-6” out from her side). I put my hand on her shoulder and prayed for her to be healed. I said raise it up and she raised it (very slowly) all the way up! I asked if she had and pain and she said it was about a 2. The look on her face was priceless. We prayed for it again and all the pain went. She said she felt like there was some ‘resistance’ when lifting it up but I said that was probably from the muscle not being used in a month. I command it to be loosed, after she just kept putting her arm up and checking it, I said now you can start praising Jesus (now that your arm goes all the way up!) I said that’s why we serve him, he is KING! She just got rocked by Jesus! Oh and somewhere in all that I asked her how her stomach felt and she said all the pain was gone!

- I noticed a young girl about 8-9 yrs old with a Velcro wrist brace on. I asked her what happened and her mom told me she hurt her wrist doing Tae Kwon Do about a month ago. I asked her if I could pray for her and she said yes. I prayed for her twice and all the pain was gone and she took off the brace.

- I noticed a woman moving very slowly in line and I asked her if she had any pain. She said she had a car accident recently and was in severe back pain. She said it was 10/10 and the way she was moving it was very obvious. I walked her out to her car with her box of food, I prayed for her and I asked her what she was feeling. She had this glazed look on her face and said she felt dizzy! The pain immediately dropped to a 5. I prayed again and she said it was minimal now maybe 1-2. I prayed again, asked her if she could bend over and touch her toes and she did. She stood up and grabbed my hand, turned it over and looked into my palm then looked at me and said ‘How did you do that?!’ I explained it was Jesus! She had this blank look on her face it was priceless! She told me to pray for her friend that was standing there with her as she had a headache. 2 prayers and she said she felt better.


- One of the volunteers had a sprained wrist and was wearing a Velcro wrist brace. I prayed for her wrist and the pain went from a 6 to a 3. I had one of the kids that help carry the boxes of food for people pray for her next and it went from 3 to 0. She had some stiffness/tightness and I just grabbed the wrist and held it for a few seconds and she moved it around and said it felt better!

- I helped another lady to her car and asked her if she needed prayer for anything and she said she had a really bad headache. I prayed for her and when she opened her eyes she looked around a bit confused and said ‘The headache is gone!’ She had that glazed/surprised look on her face and kept looking around. She then told her husband sitting in the car ‘My headache is gone! No seriously, he prayed and its completely gone!’. We had a little conversation as I explained we have the authority etc… It was a great day in Jesus name!

- At the food pantry I noticed a woman limping, so I offered to take her box of food to the car. I put the box in the back seat, I asked her if she was having an issue with her foot. She stated she had an issue with a shorten/tightened tendon and pointed to the arch of her foot. She also said he had heel spurs as well. The pain level was 7/10. She had been to the Dr. and had been putting something under her foot and rolling it around to try to stretch the tendon at home. She welcomed prayer so I did what I almost always do, I just took her hand and commanded that foot/tendon to be healed. She thanked me then I said check it out, how does it feel? She immediately realized there was no pain. She was elated!

- I noticed a lady who had obvious pain issue as she had a cane and was walking sluggish. She had a painful hip and knee and after I prayed she tested it. She walked about 6 feet and turned and said something like, you prayed with power, or that had some power (we were in a candle store and it was noisy) I asked her if she had any pain and she said no, all the pain was gone (in the hip) but her knee still had a little so I prayed again and she thanked me and walked off.

- I prayed for the cashier at Walmart. I asked her if she had pain, she said I have fibromyalgia, so I have it every day all day. I asked if she was having pain now, she said Not really right now, I’ve taken a bunch of meds. I said I asked because I pray for people and God heals them and she said something like that’s nice/good/interesting I don’t remember actually. I reached out my hand and she grabbed it. I thanked the Father for her and I commanded the fibromyalgia to go. I held onto her hand and she had a strange look on her face and I said what are you feeling? She kind of tilted her head and said well I feel very nauseous. I said are you ok? She just stood there and she was like Wow…ok now I’m feeling very dizzy…I said well you don’t have fibromyalgia anymore. She said well I can’t stand here and work like this, I feel so dizzy. I said are you ok? I just started to laugh because she got nailed by Holy Spirit. I let go of her hand and she put her hands on the counter and bent her knees and then bent over and I said you have any pain? She just said that was weird. I said that was Jesus and he wants you to know he loves you. I gave her my card and as she was collecting herself, I got my stuff and slowly walked away.

- As I walked up to the food pantry this morning, I noticed a guy with a plastic velcro boot on his right foot and leaning on a crutch in line. I inquired and he was in pain in the arch of the foot. We spoke and then I commanded the pain to go and it felt the same. I commanded again and it felt a little better but it was hard to tell with the boot on and he was not willing to take it off. I could tell something was up as normally I pray and it goes immediately. When I mentioned that the lady with him said something like he was in pain all over. I then realized, had the pain in the foot left initially I would have walked off but God had other plans. He then told me he had pain in his shoulder, hip, back, knee and also that foot. I prayed for him until all the pain was gone. I told him to take the boot off when he got home ‘by faith’ and test it out. He thanked me and went through the line and left.

When I went to the mall a few hours later, I went into a sub shop and I saw him standing in line waiting for food. He no longer had the boot on and was wearing both shoes!! I asked him about it and he said he went home and took the boot off and said that he felt something weird/change/different in his body. Jesus!! He said he was having some pain in the shoulder and before he left, I prayed for that again and he moved it around and said thank you!


- I noticed a lady stepping off the curb and her son-in-law carrying a walker (with a seat on it) for her. She was in obvious pain by the way she was hobbling and then sat down on the walker. I approached and spoke with her as she was sitting. She stated she had lots of pain in her knees and her insurance did not cover knee replacement. I prayed for her, she said she could feel heat/tingling in her knees which went down into her feet. I told her that is Holy Spirit healing her and she said, ‘that’s so crazy!’ I asked her to get up and test it. She got up and said she felt no pain and actually said ‘I feel like I could go for a run!’. She went through the line and all the way to her car without using the walker except to carry her food. JESUS!


- At the mall I noticed a woman walking very slowly with a family member and they went and sat down. I approached them and asked if she was in pain and she said it was her back and leg/hip and she agreed to let me pray for her. I then asked her to get up and she said she felt better. God was telling me she had one leg shorter than the other. I asked and she stated her right leg was shorter. I had her sit down and it was about ¾” shorter so I commanded it to come out. It was slow but it came out about half way. I felt like I should put her feet down and wait a few minutes. When I picked them back up, they were even! She got up and walked and said it felt good. She then mentioned she had been diagnosed with a heart murmur recently. We prayed for that and we spoke for a few minutes and then they left.

- I went up to get some wings. As I’m pulling into the parking lot I hear this thought. “I have a guy I want you to speak with. He’ll be sitting on the right, I want you to ask him what happened to his leg” I knew it was not my thought and it was way to detailed for it to not be God.

I parked and started walking through the parking lot. (Outside the restaurant to the right are a few tables and chairs on the patio). As I look from a distance I see people outside (I’m in Florida) and I see a crutch. I walk up and it’s a guy about 20 with his mom and brother eating outside. He had a boot on his ankle and a crutch sitting there. My mind was reeling and now I have to approach this guy without being intrusive to their meal.

I went in and paid for my wings. They were done and beginning to get up to throw their trash away so I went outside. I asked him about his ankle and I told him I prayed for people and I see them healed. I asked if I could pray for him and he agreed.

Before I prayed, I said I have to tell you what God told me as I pulled into the parking lot and it’s going to sound crazy. I told him and he said you want to hear something crazier? He said, I was in church this morning and was hoping someone would pray for my ankle.

I said I believe he’s answering you, he sent me to pray for you. He’s going to heal you right now. (He didn’t have pain unless he put pressure on it a certain way so he didn’t have obvious pain at the moment but he’d had surgery recently).

I prayed for him and I asked if he felt anything. He said “I feel weird, like something is going on inside me” I said like tingling or heat? He said “Heat”. We spoke for a few and I asked him if he still felt anything and he said he “felt the tingling and heat in his ankle”. He also said it felt “stronger and more stable”. I told him to test it when he got home by taking the boot off and checking it out further.

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